Specialized Rockhopper 29

Specialized Rockhopper 29There are many and various bikes available in the market all trying to give their users something new, but the Specialized Rockhopper 29 gives a great leisure and aggressive cycling experience.

When I first took it out of the box, I found that the length of the top tube was 650mm, which put it at a convenient 25.6” and without the pedals it weighed in at 25 lbs 5oz. When you take into account that the parts of this bike are not exactly lightweight, this is a reasonable and acceptable weight. The frame is fully butted M4 with the geometry of the 29 models and with a 80mm travel RockShox Tora S-Lite fork. The bike helps its rider with a Truvativ Firex, 2 piece single speed crank-set, geared at 32×20. Your stopping power is supplied by Avid Juicy, 3 SL hydraulic disc brakes and road holding with Specialized Fast Trak LK Control “29er” tires.

Testing your new bike

After the first test spin around the block, it felt like riding a hybrid bike in an upright position as I had the 100mm stem version, whereas the specification is a 90mm stem. Because of the Texas length top tube, this was much too long and was added to by the bike being too high at the handlebar.

After my test ride, I decided to get the Specialized Rockhopper 29 set to my preferred riding style. The first thing was to change to a 90mm stem, flipped and moved one spacer on top of the stem. By these adjustments, the H-bar was positioned level with the middle of the saddle. The saddle was also moved forward slightly to get me in a position over the crank which suits me best. The result was a great personal fitting bike!

Bike bonding

Since those first getting to know you sessions, I have put this bike through its paces in more ways than one. The frame and the bike parts have stood up to some severe riding and I have found the bike is capable of giving a decent ride whether for leisure or on aggressive and heavy duty trails. Unless you are a hardcore professional mountain biker, the Specialized Rockhopper 29 is an ideal and reliable piece of machinery. Having said that, if some of the components were upgraded, you could probably use it professionally; with the 29er (19”) frame and my 26” tires, I cruise over obstructions other riders’ battle with.

People seeing my bike for the first time are surprised that I manage to steer it between trees. After watching me drift easily along single track trails, they don’t ask that question again!

It’s your bike

Your bike is a personal machine and you are a part of it. Therefore, don’t be afraid to challenge fashion by experimenting with its setup and its parts. Every rider is built differently and expects his bike to perform as he or she requires. If a size 19” frame on your Specialized Rockhopper 29 and whatever else suits you better, go for it!

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