Santa Cruz Blur TRc – The Comprehensive Ride Review

Santa Cruz Blur TRcThe Santa Cruz Blur TRc is the latest offering from successful bike manufacturer Santa Cruz. This carbon trail bike has a lot to live up to after the Blur XC and LT made their collective marks on the biking community. This bike’s design defines it as a short travel trail bike which provides as much enjoyment as possible, whilst offering a comfortable ride through a strong and robust structure. For avid bikers, this is the sort of thing they look for.


Here are the collective specifications every trail bike enthusiast looks at:

• 125mm rear wheel travel.
• 68degree head angle.
• A shockingly light 11kg for the whole bike.
• Head tube diameter at a 1.5-inch taper.
• $5560.00 USD from the Santa Cruz website.

Anybody who wants to splash out on the perfect Santa Cruz Blur TRc can take advantage of the various customisation options. For an additional fee, this organisation will build a bike according to your exact specifications.

Going for a Ride

The only way to truly experience what this bike is like is to ride it as much as possible. Since shorter rides are this bike’s forte the best way to get the most out of it is to simply ride it like you stole it.

Immediately, you notice how effective it is at making tight turns and sharp corners. The lower centre of gravity means you can throw your whole weight into a turn without falling off. It also allows you to get the full amount of grip from the tyres. It’s definitely advantageous when going at full speed along a twisting mountain track.

The TRc makes you feel like you’ve glued yourself to the ground. The longer wheelbase and front centre means you don’t have to adjust your weight to handle steep downhill drives. Keeping your weight centred and in the same position is enough to handle even the most technical of hills.

The VPP suspension in particular is worth all the money you pay for this bike. Unlike other trail bikes, it doesn’t attempt to gobble up significant obstacles. It simply bounces you along without making the ride uncomfortable. Experienced riders can take full advantage of the suspension to deftly leap over obstacles. The Santa Cruz Blur TRc, in this sense, gears itself towards riders on challenging outdoor excursions who are willing to take a risk.

The overall ‘feel’ of the ride is one of safety and comfort. You have all the safety features in place to keep you hinged to the ground, but it also competes with high-end racing bikes. The frame itself weighs only 4.92 pounds. From a rider perspective it feels as light as a feather and encourages you to go further and do more. Whereas you might not have touched some of the rockier trails before, now you feel invincible since you know the bike can deal with such tricky obstacles effectively.

Would You Buy It?

Absolutely! Some may feel slightly put off by the price, but it’s very much in the same category as an iPhone. Once you buy it and take the plunge you can’t imagine living without one. It’s certainly not something which can double as your ride to work, but as a top-specced trail bike the Santa Cruz Blue TRc is in a class of its own.

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