LED High Visibility Safety Vest for Running, Cycling, Walking, Jogging and Biking

LED safety vestSafety devices are very important in any field of work, even if you’re jogging or running or riding a bicycle, to aware other people on the road. LED light vests have now become a necessity while going for workout on a road, at late night hours, or early morning. They use to alert people that you’re running and maintain some distance from you. The color is readily observable in the absence of light. Let us look on some features.


  • Ultra High Visibility: The traditional orange vest, for alertness has fiber optics for light transmission. The vest comes with two LED wristbands with 5 bright LED lights, to increase visibility during late night, or early morning workouts.
  • Extremely lightweight and comfortable: the product weighs only 0.3 pounds, no heavy weight machinery.
  • Three Modes of working: Continuous light, dim and fast flashing for creating different levels of alertness.
  • Unisex Size: these LED vests are extremely comfortable and fit everybody. They’re unisex, both men and women can wear it.
  • Replaceable Battery: The vest has four CR2032 3V and wristband has two CR2016 3V lithium coin batteries, which can be replaced if low.


The jackets are extremely lightweight, with very good color for making aware that you’re running/jogging/riding. The fitting of the jacket is perfect, and they have provided back buckle for tightening. They are made of quality materials, and they feel great on t-shirt or when we touch them. The stitching is done so well, that you’re going to love the fitting. The wristbands are extremely comfortable to wear and use.

The visibility factor of the jacket and bands is extremely high. They can alert someone from quite a distance. Comfort level of the jacket is really good, with adjustable waist strap, putting and fitting it to body is easy. When you’re cycling, few vests don’t go with the motion, and irritate, which could lessen the fun, but not in the case of this vest. Though wrist bands while cycling can be avoided, you can strap them on the handle, for better visibility, and free movements of hands.

LEDs that are used are of high quality, with light transmission fiber optics provide 360 degree ultra-high visibility in dawn and dusk. These LEDs are made for long working hours, and have lifetime guarantee. Wristbands are equally comfortable and easy to wear. They have dimensions of 13 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ which makes them to get fit on any arm size.

Overall, going for pros, I would say that the LED vest does its job remarkably well, and leaves no room for any kind of problem. I would recommend it to every person who has a thing for safety, without costing much, and altering the fun of free motion. Buy them at http://www.amazon.com/Reflective-Slap-On-Wristbands-Visibility-Running/dp/B017WDGDD0 before they goes out of the stock.

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