Felt 9 Sport – Ultimate Rider Review

Felt Nine SportThe Felt 9 Sport is the latest addition to the new line of bikes utilising 29-inch wheels, rather than the standard 26-inch wheels on most mountain bikes. Of course, there are critics from both sides of the spectrum, but either way they’re becoming increasingly popular amongst beginner and novice riders looking for an extra pair of training wheels. Even for experienced riders, this contraption finished with Orange Crush colour is an ideal bike for going off-road.


• 120mm of front travel.
• Hardtail suspension.
• 29-inch wheels.
• A weight of 30.42 pounds.
• $999.00 USD from the Felt 9 Sport website.

Going for a Ride

Riding the bike is the only way for you to really get a feel for what this bike can do. After putting it through its paces, it’s definitely the sort of bike which beginners can make use of. The fact it costs under $1000 USD means it’s great for the person who doesn’t want to spend a lot to partake in some outdoor riding.

One of the areas in which this bike stands out is in the way it climbs. Riding up large hills is easy as it simply glides over the terrain. Many people have trouble confronting some of the common obstacles found in the great outdoors, but the Hardtail suspension allows it to literally roll over them without unbalancing the rider.

As already mentioned, it’s a fantastic entry-level bike for novice riders. This is compounded by its Tektro brakes. They provide excellent modulation and halt the bike whenever you need to make a sudden stop; when dealing with rock gardens this is particularly useful.

To the delight of those who want to accelerate the pace of their ride, the feeling of safety in no way hinders your ability to race across the country. It’s the remarkable ability to quickly pick up its speed whilst still making you feel perfectly balanced. It’s a fantastic confidence booster when out and about. When compared with a lot of other mountain bikes utilising the 29-inch wheels the Felt 9 Sport is far superior.

Would You Buy It?

Experienced bikers looking to splash out on a new machine best look elsewhere, but anyone looking for a bargain will find the Felt 9 Sport an extremely wise purchase. The 29-inch wheels do live up to the hype and provide you with excellent stability. Combine this with the Hardtail suspension and there are few obstacles you can’t cope with. Most users have also reported increases in their climbing steepness. On a side note, the Orange Crush colour really stands out and makes you liable to quite a few compliments out on the tracks.

This is a fantastic bike to buy if you are just getting out on to the trails for the first time. Where it impacts you the most is in the mind, though. No other bike can give you as much confidence and as much willingness to try something new as the Felt 9 Sport.

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