Cannondale Trail SL 3 – A Top Quality Recreational Ride

Cannondale Trail SL 3Mountain bikes come in all shapes and sizes. Basically, they are designed according to the taste and skills of different riders — the bike you need to get around town and explore some areas off the beaten path will be slightly different from the bike you need to pop wheelies. But if you’re looking for an all-round bike, you may put your money on Cannondale Trail SL 3.

The Frame

The frame of this mountain bike is its standout feature. No matter how shiny a new bicycle is, it will never withstand the tough conditions if its frame is not of high quality. Cannondale is known for making good quality aluminum frames, which means you don’t have to worry about what you get in Trail SL3. Just to make you feel better, the frame is actually made of double-butted tubing, which ensures that the frame stays stiff and strong, but doesn’t add to the overall weight of the bike.

The Forks

As far as the forks are concerned, you’ll be happy to find the RST Deuce fitted in this bike. Though they are mid-range forks, these 100mm travel front forks are ‘air’ sprung and don’t use a coil spring to make it easier to adjust as per your requirements. In fact, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to notice the way these forks work. Most riders also like the fact that these forks have zero small bump compression and lock out really well – they give a 90mm of travel quite consistently. What’s more, the forks in Cannondale Trail SL3 come with other interesting features like preload and rebound adjustment, both of which are very controllable too.

Braking System and Saddle

When buying a mountain bike, you should pay special attention to how the braking system works. This aluminum hardtail bicycle comes with hydraulic disc brakes. They are a lot better compared to rim brakes and cable-pull disc brakes, especially if you like to ride your bike in the wet.

If you like to ride your bike a lot, you would definitely want it to have a comfortable saddle. Though the one you get in Cannondale Trail SL3 is the generic one, it’s definitely a good all day perch.

Although the bike is equipped with all things good, you may find some people carp about a certain features. For instance, some people don’t think the bike uses the best quality tires. This may or may not be true for all cyclists. The reason is that the original tires you find in Trail SL3 are quite like most off-the-peg bikes, but if you follow a certain style of riding, you may always consider getting the rubber as per your needs. Another common complaint is about its heavier cranks, but again it’s not the same for all the riders.

Overall, it can easily be said that Cannondale Trail SL 3 is a quality ride, which is surely going to impress everyone. This is also a great choice for the non-pro cyclist, as it’s not that expensive and is packed with interesting and impressive features.

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