A review of skateboards in 2018

skateboardsSkateboarding is one of the most exciting and favorite activities of all time. You must own a high quality skateboard to enhance your experience to another level. You can have the best experience in this sport only if you own the coolest skateboard. This article will help you find reliable skateboards for the beginners to make your learning experience memorable.

Some of the best skateboards of 2018 are given in the following list –

  • Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard

This skateboard can be used both by the beginners and the expert riders. It is actually a dual purpose skateboard. After becoming an expert rider, you need not buy a new skateboard as it works best for advanced level as well. A smooth and perfect riding experience is promoted by this product. It is a versatile skateboard as both kids and adults can use it. It consists of a small sized plastic board deck. You can easily ride on it even at crowding areas. It is a lightweight skateboard.

  • Rock Birds Skateboards 31-inch Pro Complete Skateboard

It is a well-known, durable, 7 layer Canadian skateboard. It can be used for riding long distance. Its design makes it a fashionable skateboard. It consists of a non slippery and waterproof high density emerge surface. It is safe to ride on it. Any heavyweight person can also ride on it. It also has four PU wheels. Top quality and solid PU material is used to make the wheels. The ABS material is used to make the bases. This skateboard comes with a grip tape of very high quality. A fast and smooth ride is promoted by it.

  • PUENTE 31-inch Complete Skateboard

This skateboard is specially designed only for kids. An 8-layer Canadian maple wood is used to make this skateboard. It is a safe and durable skateboard. A full cover grip tape is featured by it. The durability and sturdiness of this skateboard are enhanced by the grip tape. It provides durability and high level of safety. It consists of a 5 inch truck to handle heavy weight riders. A more convenient and smoother control is guaranteed by it. ABE-9 high speed bearing and the soft PU bushings are featured by this skateboard.

  • Punisher Cherry Blossom Complete Skateboard

This skateboard is specially designed for girls. Better control and smooth ride is promoted by this skateboard. It has ivory wheels and alloy trucks. Both the beginners and experts can ride on it. Its design and material make it an attractive skateboard. Attractive design of cherry flowers and 9 ply stiff maple wood is used to make its deck. It also features a 5 inch heavy duty metal alloy truck. It comes with a double deck concave board. This small sized skateboard can bear riders of up to 200 lbs. weight. It is a lightweight skateboard. Its deck is covered with a coarse grip tape. Good traction and grip are provided by it.

Thus, the above-mentioned skateboards are some of the best products available in the market to enhance your riding experience.

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