A Quick Insight Through the “Game of Arms” Show

Arm wrestlingAre you an enthusiastic sportsperson, who amuses over enticing reality shows with lots of drama and energy? Do you love to watch wild, adventurous TV shows with real action? If yes, The Game of Arms show is certainly your cup of tea! Over the past few years, the need for upright wrestling matches and arm-shows has increased remarkably. This attributes to the release of “Game of Arms”. In just few short minutes the show became a massive hit amongst the young and the old. AMC broadcasts the new TV show. Conversely, the premier show raked several thousand speculators. This proves the show’s indispensible hit.

The Players!

According to experts and analysts, The Game of Arms show broke many viewer records. More than 1.2 million people watched the show’s first episode, with more than 500,000 people in the age bracket 18-50. The reality show revolves around underground arm fights. The show was put together by Ethan Prochnik and Matt Renner. Moreover, Game of Arms is produced by Dan Illani. The combined efforts of these professionals have made the show a great hit.

The First Game!

The very first game of arms episode was an intense and fiery wrestling match. The show begins with contestants who are enthusiastic and wild about the entire game. After several hours of grueling preparation, the match begins!

The Real Match

In a small nutshell, Game of Arms is a competitive and challenging game show. It is one of USA’s finest wrestling matches. The series is based on five different sports clubs, namely Eria – PA, Baton Rouge – LA, Kansas City – KS, Sacramento – CA and New York – NY. The competitors are trained men with several years of experience in arm wrestling. Game of Arms is exceptionally famous for its huge myriad of competitors! You will find men of different age groups and health conditions! For instance, you will find guys who are in their late 20s fighting against men who are striving through their 50s. In most cases, the old dudes tend to plow through younger ones, without declaring their ages. This is an interesting facet that makes the show a lot more enthralling.

The Other Side

Apart from strong wrestling matches, the show stresses on positive virtues like brotherhood, friendship and self confidence. This makes “Game of Arms” a show with morals and real values. However, the real wrestling grounds can be very wild, noisy and rough. Thus, it is not meant for those who are weak in their heart and body.

The Eye Catchy Awards

Game of Arms delights competitors with huge rewards. Winners would receive exorbitant cash prizes and many indispensible benefits (customized gym plans, fitness plans and holiday trips). This makes the game a lot more attractive! On the other hand, winners of the exigent game would reach a whole new height of fame!

Ultimate Bottom Line

If you are new to the world of wrestling, Game of Arms will take you through a whole new journey. The sensational show will trigger your adrenaline and show you the power of physical wellness!

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